Faculty Members Involved:

  • Scott AtwoodCell fate decisions in skin cancer, skin and hair follicle development, and stem cells.
  • Lee Bardwell – Math/computational modeling of cell signaling/regulatory networks
  • Anne Calof -Systems biology of stem cells and human developmental disorders
  • Ken Cho – Endomesoderm gene regulatory network and growth factor signaling
  • Olivier Cinquin – Systems biology of cell differentiation
  • Dae Seok Eom – cellular and molecular mechanisms of long-range intercellular communication
  • Steve Gross – biophysics, regulation of molecular motors
  • Arthur Lander – systems biology of development and disease, control of cellular behaviors
  • Ed Monuki – Regulation of cortical development and its stem cells
  • Ali Mortazavi – Applications of genomics, computation, and sequencing technologies to the analysis of transcriptional regulation in development.
  • Qing Nie – computational systems biology, cell fates, multiscale biology, and tools for analyzing single-cell RNA-seq data, scientific computing, and computational mathematics
  • Maksim Plikus – Mechanisms of regeneration and stem cell control
  • Tom Schilling – Neural crest development in zebrafish
  • Sha Sun – Long noncoding RNAs in epigenetic programming, mammalian X chromosome inactivation (XCI) as a model to investigate the specificity of lncRNAs
  • Xiaoyu Shi – Structural biology, super-resolution microscopy, systems biology, cell signaling, cilia biology, developmental biology, bioimaging, biophysics, cell biology
  • Wenqi Wang– signaling networks underlying tissue homeostasis and organ size control as well as the role of their dysregulation in tumorigenesis
  • Rahul Warrior – Proteoglycans, BMP response and nuclear migration in Drosophila
  • Xaohui Xie – Computational biology, bioinformatics, genomics, neural computation, and machine learning

Research Areas