Dr. Ken Cho has an AAAS Fellow award and a Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences.

Dr. Michael Parson’s lab created a method to ablate cells at will to study regeneration. This method has been used in over 2,300 publications to date.

Dr. Kavita Arora was a recipient of the Searle Scholar Award.

Dr. Scott Atwood discovered how basal cell carcinoma gains resistance to targeted therapy.

Leading the way to Discovery

Department of Developmental and Cell Biology (DCB)

The Department of Developmental and Cell Biology seeks discoveries that foster a better understanding of biological questions such as the origins of cancer development, cell repair and regrowth and developmental disorders. Our diverse groups of researchers expose students to everything from the basic biology of stem cells to central nervous system injury, diabetes and the use of stem cell-based screens to identify novel drugs targeting cell proliferation.

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Aimee Edinger, VMD/PhD


A world class faculty dedicated to advance knowledge about the body, diseases, drug design, vascular biology and more.



Exciting opportunities exist for Dunlop School majors interested in pursuing a degree in Developmental and Cell Biology or Genetics.



With 3 interdiscipline doctorate programs, Developmental and Cell Biology graduates will be prepared examine compelling biological questions.

Research at DCB

Our research programs focus on the genetic control of cell growth, differentiation and morphogenesis that gives rise to tissues and organs of animals. This field of biology has undergone significant transformation recently, driven by the intellectual challenges associated with the avalanche of genomic and proteomic data on various organisms. As you will discover through this website, our department has successfully incorporated diverse disciplines such as computational biology, bioengineering and the physical sciences and developed a highly integrative approach for the study of developmental and cell biology. Through such programs, we expect to maintain excellence in research and educate students for the future.

Faculty Spotlight


Christine Suetterlin, Ph.D.,


The Regulation of Golgi and Centrosome Dynamics in Mammalian Cells – We are interested in how organelles of the pericentriolar region communicate with each other. In mammalian cells, Golgi membranes are positioned in close proximity to the centrosome, the major microtubule organizing center of a cell. This specific localization is only seen during interphase as Golgi membranes are fragmented and dispersed throughout the cytosol during mitosis.

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