Training the Next Generation of Biologists

The goal of the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology is to launch the careers of the next generation of scientists who will tackle some of the most important questions facing humankind. Our program has a strong emphasis on teaching students how to conduct state-of-the-art research in a rigorous manner while at the same time providing them with the soft skills that will help them be successful throughout their careers.




Centers and Institutions

8 Different Research Focuses

Research programs of the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology focus on molecular aspects of the development of eukaryotic organisms, on the molecular interaction of cells in tissue differentiation, and expression and function of genes related to the biogenesis of organelles and cellular constituents. The main emphasis of research training is in the molecular aspects of cells and development, and the utilization of biotechnology. The Department maintains facilities for research that include genetic, molecular, and biochemical techniques and also has facilities in advanced electron optics, microsurgery, microinjection, and neurophysiology.