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Developmental and Cell Biology (DCB)

DCB is a department that focuses on the BODY portion of UCI BioSci’s vision. Research programs of DCB faculty focus on molecular aspects of the development of eukaryotic organisms, on the molecular interaction of cells in tissue differentiation, and expression and function of genes related to the biogenesis of organelles and cellular constituents. The main emphasis of research training is in the molecular aspects of cells and development and the utilization of biotechnology. The department maintains facilities for research that include genetic, molecular and biochemical techniques and also has facilities in advanced electron optics, microsurgery, microinjection and neurophysiology.
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At UCI, we believe in the infinitely curious. Our students are the tinkerers, the dreamers, and the courageous of thought. They are inspiring, motivated, and care about the world around them. And they aren’t afraid to fail, because they dare to go where others won’t. If this sounds a lot like you, then you need to be here making a difference too. You’ll fit in just by being you.

Thomas Schilling

Professor and Chair

Department of Developmental and Cell Biology

A Message from the Department Chair

Welcome to the department of Developmental and Cell Biology at UC Irvine! Our research programs focus on the genetic control of cell growth, differentiation and morphogenesis that gives rise to tissues and organs of animals. This field of biology has undergone significant transformation recently, driven by the intellectual challenges associated with the avalanche of genomic and proteomic data on various organisms. As you will discover through this website, our department has successfully incorporated diverse disciplines such as computational biology, bioengineering and the physical sciences and developed a highly integrative approach for the study of developmental and cell biology. Through such programs, we expect to maintain excellence in research and educate students for the future.
Thomas Schilling
Professor and Chair