Faculty Members Involved:

  • Hans Bode – Stem cell proliferation and differentiation in hydra.
  • Peter Bryant – Asymmetric division of neural stem cells
  • Sue Bryant – Limb regeneration, wound healing and stem cells
  • Anne Calof -Systems Biology of Stem Cells and Human Developmental Disorders
  • Ken W.Y. Cho – Stem cell proliferation and differentiation
  • Olivier Cinquin – Systems biology of cell differentiation
  • Peter Donovan – Molecular genetics of germ cell and stem cell development
  • David Gardiner – Limb development and regeneration
  • Leslie Lock – Human embryonic stem cell biology
  • Grant MacGregor – Molecular basis of mammalian spermatogenesis
  • Ed Monuki – Regulation of neural stem cells from the embryonic cerebral cortex
  • Diane O’Dowd – Neural progenitor cells from post-mortem human cortex
  • Maksim PlikusMechanisms of regeneration and stem cell control

Research Areas