Faculty Members Involved:

  • Scott AtwoodCell fate decisions in skin cancer, skin and hair follicle development, and stem cells.
  • Lee Bardwell – MAPK cascades in yeast and mammalian cells
  • Bruce Blumberg – Nuclear receptor and growth factor signaling
  • Olivier Cinquin – Systems biology of cell differentiation
  • Aimee Edinger – Regulation of cell growth and survival by growth factors
  • Dae Seok Eom – cellular and molecular mechanisms of long-range intercellular communication
  • Steve Gross – biophysics, regulation of molecular motors
  • Tom Schilling – Neural crest development in zebrafish
  • Xiaoyu Shi – Structural Biology, Super-Resolution Microscopy, Systems Biology, Cell Signaling, Cilia Biology, Developmental Biology, Bioimaging, Biophysics, Cell Biology
  • Wenqi Wang– signaling networks underlying tissue homeostasis and organ size control as well as the role of their dysregulation in tumorigenesis

 Research Areas