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Remembering Professor Patrick L. Healey 1936-2015

Professor Patrick L. Healey joined the faculty of the School of Biological Sciences in 1966 as an Assistant Professor of Organismic Biology (now, Developmental and Cell Biology). Professor Healey served the Biological Sciences School as Acting Dean on two occasions in 1980 and 1982 as well as Department Chair from 1982-83 and had numerous professional and administrative roles within the university. Professor Healey’s research focused on plant biology and he published many articles in the areas of development and morphology of plants.

In addition to teaching and research, Professor Healey served as the director of Instructional Development Services to promote quality teaching through training and consultation with faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Professor Healey cared professionally and personally for the education of UCI students and developed unique techniques for actively engaging students in learning about biological sciences.

Following his retirement from UCI in 1994, Professor Healey started his second professional career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, opening his own practice in Irvine and specializing in individual and couples counseling.

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