Home News A warm welcome and introduction to our new faculty hires!

A warm welcome and introduction to our new faculty hires!

Assistant Professor Evgeny Kvov

Evgeny Kvon, Assistant Professor

Evgeny received his Ph.D. from the University of Vienna and IMP working on Drosophila. He later became interested in Mouse genomics and continued his training at Berkeley Lab. Evgeny’s lab at UCI studies enhancers, regulatory non-coding regions of the human genome, and their role in development, evolution, and human disease. When not in the lab and not under lockdown, Evgeny enjoys practicing Muay Thai and exploring new restaurants.

Xiaoyu Shi, Assistant Professor

Xiaoyu’s mission of her lab is elucidating the structure-function relationships of cells and tissues by visualizing how protein, RNA, DNA work together with nanometer resolution. To achieve the goal, her lab leverages super-resolution microscopy, live-cell imaging, chemical and bioengineering tools to develop cutting-edge imaging and multiomics methods. She applies these methods to multi-scale biological questions, such as cell signaling and disease progression. In her free time, Xiaoyu plays the guqin, a seven-string musical instrument that ancient Chinese scholars adored. Playing guqin lifts her imagination just like having a wonderful meditation. 

Star Lee, LPSOE

Star’s research focuses on graduate teaching assistant professional development, culturally relevant/responsive pedagogy, and student engagement. Star is excited to teach our Dev and Cell Biology lab, focused on training students to think like a scientist. Her most prized possession is a 2002 Honda Civic with 160,000 miles.

Welcome to the department!

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