Director, The NSF-Simons Center for Multiscale Cell Fate Research

Systems Biology – We are interested in using sophisticated computational tools and novel mathematical modeling to study complex biology systems. Our current research focuses include cell fate dynamics, stem cell, developmental patterning, cancer, multiscale biology, development of tools on analyzing single-cell sequencing data, and spatial modeling.  We closely collaborate with many experimental laboratories on various animal models and systems. We also interrogate and integrate datasets from multiple different sources to discover biological principles with broader applications.

Recent publications

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  • A. MacLean, H. Tian, Q. Nie. Exploring intermediate cell states through the lens of
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  • Y. Guo, Q. Nie, A. MacLean, Y. Li, J. Lei, S. Li. Multiscale modeling of inflammation-
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  • Qixuan, Wang, Ji Won Oh, Anukriti Dhar, Jonathan Le, Shelby C. Jocoy, Antoni R. Rossi, Hoang T. Ha, Melisa A. Fuentes, Manda P. Nguyen, Julien Legrand, Eve Kandyba, Jung Chul Kim, Moonkyu Kim, Krzysztof Kobielak, Kiarash Khosrotehrani, Qing Nie*, Maksim V. Plikus*. A multi-scale model for the hair follicle reveals a pacemaker mechanism driving rapid hair growth patterning, *co-corresponding author, eLife 2017;6:e22772, 2017
  • C. Li**, T. Hong**, Y. Tung, Y. Yen, H. Hsu2, Y. Lu, M. Chang, Q. Nie3,*, J. Chen*. MicroRNA
    Filters Hox Temporal Transcription Noise to Confer Boundary Formation in the Spinal Cord **: equal-contribution, *:co-corresponding authors. Nature Communication, 8:14685, 2017
  • A. Li, S. Figueroa, T. Jiang, P. Wu, R. Widelitz, Q. Nie, C. Chuong. Diverse feather shape evolution enabled by coupling anisotropic signaling modules with self-organizing branching programme. Nature Communication, 8:14139, 2017, PMID: 28106042
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  • Q. Wang, W. R. Holmes, J. Julian, T. Schilling, Q. Nie. Cell sorting and noise-induced cell plasticity coordinate to sharpen boundaries between gene expression domains, 13(1): e1005307, PLoS Computational Biology, 2017, PMID: 28135279

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