Leslie Lock, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

University of California Irvine
2052 Hewitt Hall
Mail Code: 3940
Irvine, CA 92697

Tel: (949) 824-3547

Human and mouse pluripotent stem cells in development and disease

Recent Publications

  • Masny P.S., Chan O.Y., de Greef J.C., Bengtsson U., Ehrlich M., Tawil R., Lock, L.F., Hewitt J.E., Stocksdale J., Martin J.H., van der Maarel S.M., Winokur S.T. (2010) Analysis of allele-specific RNA transcription in FSHD by RNA-DNA FISH in single myonuclei. Eur J Hum Genet.,18(4):448-56.
  • Hohenstein, K.A., Pyle, A.D., Chern, J.Y., Lock, L.F.*, and Donovan, P.J.* (2008) High-efficiency stable gene knockdown and transgene expression in human embryonic stem cells via nucleofection. Stem Cells 26: 1436-1443. *Co-senior authors
  • Wang, E., Dimova, N., Sperle., Huang, Z., Lock, L.F., Hobson, G., and Cambi, F. (2008) Targeted deletion of a PLP intronic splicing enhancer in a novel knockin mouse impairs the developmental increase in the PLP/DM20 ratio and affects myelin stability and function. Exper. Neurol. 214: 322-330.
  • Zeng, W., deGreef, J.C., Chen, Y-Y., Chien, R., Kong, X., Gregson, H.S., Winokur, S.T., Pyle, A., Robertson, K.D., Schmiesing, J.A., Kimonis, V.E., Balog, J., Frants, R.R., Ball, A.R., Lock, L.F., Donovan, P.J., van der Maarel., S.M. and Yokomori. K. (2009) Specific loss of histone H3 lysine 9 trimethylatiuon and HPg/cohesin binding at D4Z4 repeats is associated with facioscapulaohumeral dystrophy (FSHD). PLoS Genetics 5(7): e1000559.

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