Fangyuan Ding

Fangyuan Ding

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Center for Complex Biological Systems (CCBS)
Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (CFCCC)

BS: Nanjing University, Physics
Licence 3: École Normale Supérieure de Paris, Physics
PhD: École Normale Supérieure de Paris, Biophysics
Postdoc: Caltech, Biology and Bioengineering


Quantitative single molecule biology and engineering, emerging from basic single-cell research to tool developments for nucleic-acid based therapies Cellular behavior depends on the activities of countless individual biomolecules. Compared to population-based methods, the ability to simultaneously perturb and analyze individual molecules provides a more direct and quantitative understanding, and unprecedented insights, of how these molecules function. Our interdisciplinary lab integrates diverse approaches (from molecular biology to deep learning, from time-lapse movies to magnetic tweezers, from high-resolution imaging to mammalian cell engineering, from photonics to integrated electronic circuits) and to develop more sensitive and powerful single molecule tools, for probing fundamental biological questions and for biomedical applications.

Selected publications

Dror I#, Chitiashvili T#, Sahakyan A#, Tan S, Liang G, Ding F, Miller J and Plath K, XIST controls X chromosome dampening and autosomal genes in early human development, Cell (in revision)

Ding F*, Su C, Chow KK, Liang G, Elowitz M*, Dynamics and functional roles of splicing factor autoregulation, Cell Reports (in revision) (* co-corresponding author)

Ding F, Elowitz M, Constitutive splicing and economies of scale in gene expression, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2019), 26, 424–432.​

Ding F, Manosas M, Spiering MM, Benkovic SJ, Bensimon D, Allemand JF, Croquette V, Single-molecule mechanical identification and sequencing, Nature Methods, (2012) 9(4), 367-372. (News and Views: S Linnarsson, Nature Methods)

Patents (Depixus @ has licensed all patents) ​ 

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