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Major in Development and Cell Biology

Bio Core 93, 94, 97, 98, 99, 100LW
UD Lab D111L and 2 UD labs selected from E112L, E115L, E166, M114L, M116L, M121L, M122L, M124L, N113L. Excellence in Research can be petitioned for 2 UD labs.
NOTE: Health professions likely will require 3 labs.

Required Major Classes D103, D104, D145B
Biology Electives 1 from D136, D137, D148; 1 from D151, D152, M144; and 3 from D105, D129, D130, D134, D136, D137, D143, D146, D148, D149, D151, D152, D157, D187, E109, E141, M114, M116, M125, M137, M144, M151, N110, N153, N154
Unique Req’s 199 is strongly encouraged and can be petitioned for 2 UD labs
Proposed Req’s to enter the major Completion of Bio 99 and Chem 51C (or 52C) and a 3.0 average GPA in Bio 97, 98, 99 and in 1 year of organic chemistry with lab.