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Faculty Members Involved:

  • Kavita Arora – Signaling pathways and control of neuronal development/function in Drosophila
  • Anne Calof – Molecular biology of neural development and regeneration.
  • Olivier Civelli – Molecular neurobiology and neurotransmitters
  • Diane O’Dowd – Synaptic transmission in the central nervous system of flies and mice
  • Arthur Lander – Signaling and morphogenesis
  • Larry Marsh – Mechanisms of late onset neurodegeneration
  • Ron Meyer – Development of nerve connections, nerve injury and regeneration
  • Edwin Monuki – Regulation of cortical development and its stem cells
  • Thomas Schilling – Development of cell diversity in zebrafish embryos
  • Katherine L. Thompson-Peer – Neuron response and recovery after injury

Research Areas